Struct glin::SharedBufferImmutable[][src]

pub struct SharedBufferImmutable<T> { /* fields omitted */ }

Wrapper around a BufferObjectImmutable with internal reference counting

Useful for example when the same buffer or ranges of the same buffer are to be used in different VAOs


impl<T: 'static> SharedBufferImmutable<T>

Get a mutable range from the buffer

Useful to do operations on portions of the buffer

Panics if the range is out of bounds

Trait Implementations

impl<T: 'static> TypedBufferObject<T> for SharedBufferImmutable<T>

OpenGL id

Number of elements on the last update

Allocated capacity of the buffer in number of elements

Maps a buffer object's data store Read more

Copy one buffer into another

Total bytes on the last update

Total capcacity of the buffer in bytes

Stride of the buffer type

impl<'a, T: 'static> TypedBufferObjectMut<T> for SharedBufferImmutable<T>

Maps a buffer object's data store Read more

Maps a buffer object's data store Read more

impl<T: 'static> BufferRange<T> for SharedBufferImmutable<T>

impl<T: 'static> BufferRangeMut<T> for SharedBufferImmutable<T>

impl<T: Debug> Debug for SharedBufferImmutable<T>

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impl<T: Eq> Eq for SharedBufferImmutable<T>

impl<T: PartialEq> PartialEq for SharedBufferImmutable<T>

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This method tests for !=.

impl<T> Clone for SharedBufferImmutable<T>

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Auto Trait Implementations

impl<T> !Send for SharedBufferImmutable<T>

impl<T> !Sync for SharedBufferImmutable<T>