In order to use rin you'll need to install rust first. The most common way to install it is to run on a terminal:

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

But you can check the official install page for more options.

Rin depends on some c libraries, we plan to remove them at some point but right now you'll need to install cmake and the basic c / c++ development tools so Rust can compile them.

In debian/ubuntu derived distributions you can install them with:

sudo apt install build-essential cmake libx11-dev libxrandr-dev libxinerama-dev libxcursor-dev libxi-dev

In archlinux:

pacman -Sy base-devel cmake libx11 libxrandr libxinerama libxcursor libxi

In fedora:

sudo dnf install gcc gcc-c++ autoconf automake cmake libx11-devel libxrandr-devel libxinerama-devel libxcursor-devel libxi-devel

Cargo is rust's tool for creating new propjects, downloading dependencies, compile or run projects among others.

Rin provides an extension to Cargo to create new projects that already include the necesary dependencies and an skeleton of an empty application that opens a blank window. It also allows to run projects in the different supported platforms easily, including the browser.

To install rin's cargo extensions:

cargo install cargo-rin

To update to a new version later you can run:

cargo install --force cargo-rin

You can now create new rin projects by running from a console:

cargo rin new project_path

Which will create a default empty project.

From there on you can use plain cargo to build and run your application but cargo rin also gives you more options specific to rin projects. Run cargo rin --help for more options.

Now you can install any IDE with support for Rust (usually through extensions). Rin has been mostly tested with visual code along with the rust-analyzer and Better TOML extensions.

Other IDEs with Rust support should work as well or even just using any text editor and compiling from the command line using cargo build and cargo run.

rin is free / open source software licensed as Mozilla public license 2.0. The MPL license is a weak copyleft license, meaning that rin itself and any modfications to it have to be distributed under the MPL while larger software based on it can be distributed under other licenses.

The MPL2 FAQ explains the license more broadly in a non legal language.

While the MPL2 allows commercial use we urge you to buy a commercial license for such cases.

By expressly choosing a free / open source license like the MPL2 and not a non-commercial only one we want to ensure that users have all the rights that free and open source software provides them and that the project has continuity if the main maintainers decided to discontinue it.

This will ensure that projects done using rin can be easily maintained and restored in the future.

Meanwhile our code of conduct makes express mention of fair economic use of rin: if you are making a profit from using it you should buy a commercial license or contribute financially through our partners program or individual donations.

We hope this model will help making rin's development more sustainable and it's community of contributors more diverse by means of being able to pay the people who develop it and not only rely on voluntary contributions.

In the near future we plan to add a way for people using rin to offer their own addons under similar conditions.

Free / open source software

Rights and obligations

When distributing sofware that uses rin's free / open source software license you need to provide:

  • The source code for any modifications to rin under the same license, MPL2
  • A license copy & explicitly acknowledge rin and it's components usage

Although not mandatory if you are using rin for smaller commercial projects where you can't afford a license we ask you to:

  • Show the made with rin logo at the beginning in some kind of splash screen when the software starts or at the beginning of the show, the artwork or the documentation if the documentation has more visibility than the artwork itself.
  • Make a donation according to the budget of your project.

To use the free software version of rin just download the cargo rin extension and create a new rin project as explained in the rin install instructions



Soon available. A license that allows to comply with our Code of conduct economic fairness use clause.