rin modules

Modules built on top of rin to provide extra functionality.

rin gizmo

rin's gizmo addon allows to add a seleection gizmo to any/all elements in the scene in order to interactively transform them.

rin inspector

rin's inspector addon allows to see on the application gui every component present in the system. Additionally it also allows to graph any numeric value of any component and in the future change those values as well.

rin meshopt

Uses the meshopt library to provide geometry optimization for rin. When added as a bundle to an applicaiton it optimizes any geometry loaded into the scene losslessly by removing duplicated vertices and optimizing the mesh for the vertex cache in the graphics card making rendering faster.

rin image sequence

An easy to use and fast image sequence player.

video recorder

A video recorder that can record any application's output to multiple video formats and animated gif. The addon settings can be easily configured from the gui.

rin pathfinder

Integration with pathfinder for gpu accelerated high quality 2D vector drawing.