Free / open source software

Rights and obligations

When distributing sofware that uses rin's free / open source software license you need to provide:

  • The source code for any modifications to rin under the same license, MPL2
  • A license copy & explicitly acknowledge rin and it's components usage

Although not mandatory if you are using rin for smaller commercial projects where you can't afford a license we ask you to:

  • Show the made with rin logo at the beginning in some kind of splash screen when the software starts or at the beginning of the show, the artwork or the documentation if the documentation has more visibility than the artwork itself.
  • Make a donation according to the budget of your project.

To use the free software version of rin just download the cargo rin extension and create a new rin project as explained in the rin install instructions



Although rin is licensed as free open source software under the MPL2 and as such can be used without limitations including in commercial sofware, if rin helps you make a living we ask you to help us make a living by contributing financially to the project whenever you are making any profit by using it.

A rin license can be used for any number of projects and includes updates for one year. After that one year the last version of rin released during that period can still be used forever.

This prices don't include any kind of support apart from the public support channels like our forum.

Support packages can be bought apart


For freelancers: 62€

(gross annual revenue < 50000€ and less than 3 persons)


For studios: 520€

(gross annual revenue > 50000€ and less than 25 persons)


The rin project allows several ways of financially contributing, through it's commercial license or through donations.

Donations help support the development of rin, improve the documentation and pay for third party services needed for the project.

If you are using rin commercially and cannot afford a commercial license or is more convenient for you to make a donation to the project or you don't use rin commercially but still would like to support rin's development, please consider donating to the project.

If you have any questions or suggestions about donating to rin, or if you are an institution and want to contribute in a different way, you can contact us by email at

rin is free / open source software licensed as Mozilla public license 2.0. The MPL license is a weak copyleft license, meaning that rin itself and any modfications to it have to be distributed under the MPL while larger software based on it can be distributed under other licenses.

The MPL2 FAQ explains the license more broadly in a non legal language.

While the MPL2 allows commercial use we urge you to buy a commercial license for such cases.

By expressly choosing a free / open source license like the MPL2 and not a non-commercial only one we want to ensure that users have all the rights that free and open source software provides them and that the project has continuity if the main maintainers decided to discontinue it.

This will ensure that projects done using rin can be easily maintained and restored in the future.

Meanwhile our code of conduct makes express mention of fair economic use of rin: if you are making a profit from using it you should buy a commercial license or contribute financially through donations.

We hope this model will help making rin's development more sustainable and it's community of contributors more diverse by means of being able to pay the people who develop it and not only rely on voluntary contributions.

In the near future we plan to add a way for people using rin to offer their own addons under similar conditions.